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print factorial of a number in python In combinatorics, the factorial number system, also known as factadic, is a mixed radix numeral system optimized for serial numbering. It is also called factorial base, although not acting as a factorial base, Read more…

Check the given number is palindrome or not A palindromic number (also known as a digit palindrome or numeric palindrome) is a number that remains the same when its digits are reversed. For example, 16461, it is “symmetric”. The term Read more…

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Flowchart to find largest element in an array in python Develop a flowchart to find largest element in an array. In this we have to find largest element which is entered by the user. we will also see max and Read more…

Flowchart to sort the list of numbers in python B) to develop a flowchart to sort the list of numbers.Purpose: To draw a flowchart for sorting array elements.Algorithm:Step1: StartStep 2: Enter the array size and read as n.Step 3: Enter Read more…

Flowchart for swapping two values using functions in python Develop a flowchart for swapping two values using functions. Aim : To exchange two values using functions. Algorithm:     Step1: Start    Step2: Declare the variables a, b, and read the Read more…

Flowchart for finding biggest number in python Develop a flow chart for finding maximum “max” and minimum “min” number among these three numbers Aim: To find biggest number between three numbers. Algorithm:   Step1: start    Step2: Declare the variables Read more…

flowchart to display the reverse of a number in python B) To develop a flowchart to display the reverse of a number. Purpose: To find the opposite of the given number. Algorithm: Step 1: Start Step2: Declare the variable n Read more…

Flow chart to check odd and even number or find the even or odd number by developing a flowchart week 2(a) Purpose: The given number is known or odd. Algorithm: Step 1: Start Step2: Declare the variable n and read Read more…

Develop animated models using the scratch tool week 1 (A) Scratch Description: • Scratch is a free programmable toolkit that enables children to create their own games, animated stories, and interactive art and share their creations with each other on Read more…