What is a Trailhead playground? Trailhead Basics answers

What is a Trailhead playground?Trailhead Basics

3) What is a Trailhead playground ?

A. A forum made up of other Trailhead users

B. A jungle gym where Astro and friends hang out

C. An org you can use to test your Salesforce skills and complete hands-on challenges

D. A series of modules and projects

1) Who is Trailhead for?


What is a Trailhead Playground ?

When you encounter your first hands-on challenge, you’ll see a dropdown that lets you launch your hands-on org. A Trailhead_Playground is an org that you can use for hands-on challenges, learning new features, and testing customizations. If you haven’t created one, don’t worry. You get one automatically when you create a Trailhead account.

Trailhead Basics

You can customize your Trailhead_Playgrounds however you want, and it comes with a set of Trailhead-specific data that you can use when completing challenges. Although Trailhead Playgrounds have limits (you can create only two users in a Trailhead Playground, for instance), they give you the same customization options as a production org. And a Trailhead Playground never expires, as long as you keep using it.

You can also use a Developer Edition org to complete hands-on challenges. Really, a Developer Edition org is the same thing as a Trailhead_Playground, but Trailhead Playgrounds come with Trailhead-specific data, and a pre-installed unmanaged package that we use to test your hands-on challenge solutions. Unlike a Developer Edition org, you can spin up a Trailhead Playground with the push of a button, without filling out any forms, right from Trailhead, and then launch it with just a click when you need it.

What’s Next?

You’ve signed up for Trailhead and you’re ready to learn. You’re staring into a near-limitless expanse of learning opportunities, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the possibilities.

In the next unit, you’ll learn how to navigate your way around Trailhead and discover the content that’s right for you.

What is a Trailhead playground

What is a Trailhead playground?Trailhead Basics

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What is a Trailhead playground ?Trailhead Basics|What is a Trailhead playground ?Trailhead Basics|What is a Trailhead playground ?Trailhead Basics

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