How to create dictionary in python with python dictionary example

How to create dictionary in python with python dictionary example

How to create dictionary in python with python dictionary example, In Python a dictionary can be created by placing a sequence of elements within curly {} braces, separated by a ‘comma’, The dictionary consists of a pair of values, a key and a corresponding pair element with its key: value

Python dictionary operations

python dictionary operation are like insert, delete, display, etc

Python dictionary example

A) Write a python script to perform basic python dictionary operations such as insert, delete and display


To perform basic dictionary operations like insert, delete and display

Algorithm of Python dictionary

Step1 Start
Step2 Create dictionary and assign to stud
Step3 insert 1,2,3, as name,age,sub
Step4 Display stud dictionary
Step5 Insert
Step6 Insert 4 as add and again display dictionary
Step7 Delete 1,3 from dictionary and display

Python dictionaries example code

How to create Python empty dictionary

stud=dict() #Create Dictionary

Example of python dictionary operations like Insert

stud[‘1′]=’name’ #Insertion

Example of python dictionary operations like display (print function)

print(stud) #Display

Example of python dictionary operations like deletion ( del keyword )

del stud[‘1’] #Deletion
del stud[‘3’]

Result of python dictionaries example

{‘1’: ‘name’, ‘2’: ‘age’, ‘3’: ‘sub’}
{‘1’: ‘name’, ‘2’: ‘age’, ‘4’: ‘add’, ‘3’: ‘sub’}
{‘2’: ‘age’, ‘4’: ‘add’, ‘3’: ‘sub’}
{‘2’: ‘age’, ‘4’: ‘add’}

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Python dictionary
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How to create dictionary in python with python dictionary example.


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