print factorial of a number in python

print factorial of a number in python

In combinatorics, the factorial number system, also known as factadic, is a mixed radix numeral system optimized for serial numbering. It is also called factorial base, although not acting as a factorial base, but as a place value of digits. By converting numbers less than n! For the factorial representation, one obtains an order of n digits that can be converted directly to a permutation of n, either using them as Lehmer code or as the inverse table representation. is; In the former case the resulting map from the integer lists them in literal order for the permutation of n. The general mixed radix system was studied by George Canter. The term “factorial number system” is used by Knuth, while the French equivalent “numbness factor” was first used in 1888

In mathematics, the factor of n, a positive integer denoted by n, is the product of all positive integers equal to or less than n:

n! = n * (n-1) *  (n-2)  *  (n-3)*  3  * 2  * 1 .

for example,

5! = 5  *  4 *  3 *  2  1 = 120

A value of 0! 1 is by convention for an empty product.

Factual operations are encountered in many areas of mathematics, particularly combinatorics, algebra and mathematical analysis. Its most basic use is to calculate the possible different sequences – permutations – n of individual objects: n are!

The factorial function can also be extended to non-integer arguments by defining X while retaining its most important properties! = = (X + 1), where ma is the gamma function; It is undefined when x is a negative integer.

c) Implement Python script to print factorial of a number.

Aim: To print factorial of a number.



   Phase 1. Start
Phase 2. Read the variable n and read n.
step 3. Preliminary Facts 1, i to 1.
step 4. While in loop performance
Facts = Facts * I
i = i + 1
Step 5. print factorial of n.
Step6. End


n=int(input(“enter the n:”))



while n>=i:



print(“factorial of ‘n’ is:”,fact)



enter the n:5

factorial of ‘n’ is: 120



print factorial of a number in python

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