Flowchart for finding biggest number in “python”

Flowchart for finding biggest number in python

Develop a flow chart for finding maximum “max” and minimum “min” number among these three numbers


To find biggest number between three numbers.


  Step1: start

   Step2: Declare the variables a, b,c and read the inputs.

   Step3: If the condition a>b and a>c is true Print that a is largest.

   Step4: Otherwise go to the nextcondition b>c .If it is truePrint that b is largest, Otherwise      Print that c is largest,

   Step5: End

Source Code to find largest number using python

# we can find greater number in different way and in python there are different short- cut method to find the greater and smaller number among given number other wise you can take user input and then also you can. Sample code is given below

def greater_smaller(num1,num2):
if num1>num2:
return “num_1 is greater”
elif num2>num1:
return “num_2 is greater”
return “both are equal”
num1,num2=input(“enter your num1&num2 values:”).split(“,”)


Flowchart for finding biggest number in python


enter a value : 10

enter b value : 25

enter c value : 12


b is largest

b) Implement Python script to find biggest number between two number.


To find biggest number between two numbers

Algorithm for finding biggest number

Step1: Start
Step2; Declare the variables a & b and read a,b.
Step3: check condition a>b
Step 4: If the condition is true Print that a is largest
Step5: Otherwise Print that b is largest
Step6: End


a=int(input(“enter a:”))
b=int(input(“enter b:”))
if (a>b):
print(“a is largest”)
if (a<b):
print(“b is largest”)
print(“a and b are equal”)


enter a:15
enter b:23


b is largest

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Flowchart for finding biggest number in python



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