In short, there are 5 steps to apply and get approved in Adsense Display Advertising Network. You want to follow each of these steps for AdSense approval. Please note, these same tips also apply to get Blogger Adsense approval.


Google wants to know that you have a valuable resource! Therefore, to increase your chances of approval, you need to create original, clear and useful content! You should never aim to throw away any spam content that is not useful. This will just annoy the readers and your site will not rank in the search engines.

We hear that the biggest ranking factor is inbound links. I think the true biggest factor is much simpler: you have to solve someone’s need. I call this search intent optimization. Fix the problem that people are looking for, and you will never have a ranking problem.

This should not be said for any website or blogger blog; However, I can guarantee you that people have copied articles on Google Adsense with autoblogs, or on or other websites. He then wonders why he did not get the approval.

You want to make sure that your content is extremely valuable so that you get an AdSense approval. But it is also important because search engines only rank “qualified” content. Viewers will be entitled to see your content. If it’s not good, don’t expect too much of Google love.

My advice is to write at least 10 well-written 1000 words or more articles on your site before applying. In addition, I will have a great “about page”, “contact” page, and a “privacy policy” page. This information provided by Google needs to be included in the privacy policy. You can find a free privacy policy generator that I have used right here.

Also, if you have a great looking topic or site, you are more likely to be approved. If possible I recommend using a premium theme (if using WordPress). You can still use a free theme, but try your best to find one that is of high quality.

My top recommendation for a WordPress theme is GeneratePress. GeneratePress makes it extremely easy to change the look and feel of your site at any time. See my complete GeneratePress Review here.

Finally, to give your site an added boost to the “look” score, I recommend having a logo designed. You can do it yourself, or if you’re cheap you can hire someone (like me) on For $ 5 – $ 20 you can pick up a generic theme and make it great with a custom logo.

To really bring out the inner beauty in your site, you will need a theme and page builder. These can be super easy to use and very inexpensive. I used to love Thrive Themes, but now I am a big fan of Element. Element saves you the stress of fooling around with your theme options and limited customization capabilities. You can create beautiful pages and turn your visitors into money.

The best? Element is free.

Click here to try the element for free.

Click here to get Eliterant for free
Overall, make sure that your site is fully developed with content, logo, layout, before you submit the site to Google.

Soon advise! Remember, you cannot apply to Google Adsense by using a site that has been used for Google Adsense before. If you are buying a website, this is a matter of consideration. Those adsense accounts are transferred to you on a vendor like Empire Flippers. If you are on Flippa, you need to make sure that Adsense is involved in the sale.

How to apply for GOOGLE ADSENSE

You can apply online on Google Adsense from here. Here you can supply your website URL, personal name or business unit, contact name (if you are applying for yourself; if you are applying as a business unit then a person can be different) , Addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and perhaps basic information you can mail to each other. You still do not need to submit your tin or bank account information at this stage. This will happen after you are approved.

Be sure to provide accurate phone and physical address information. You will need to verify your phone number and they will mail a PIN to the physical address you have provided. However, this does not occur until step 4.

It takes only a few minutes to fill the online application.

TEMPORARILY upgraded and location ADS
Adsense approval is usually done within 24 to 48 hours. If you follow my steps above to create a unique site that has never been included with Google Adsense before, you should not have any problems quickly approved.HOW TO GET GOOGLE ADSENSE APPROVAL Google – Technology company Google Search google approval google adsense adsense on blogger

At that point, you will receive an approval email from Google that explains the process.


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