Python Casting | Specify a Variable kind

Python Casting | Specify a Variable kind

Specify a Variable kind

There is also times after you need to specify a kind on to a variable. this may be finished casting. Python is associate object-orientated language, and per se it uses categories to outline knowledge sortsas well as its primitive sorts.

Casting in python is thus done victimisation builder functions:
int() – constructs associate range|number} number from associate whole number literal, a float literal (by rounding error right down to the previous whole number), or a string literal (providing the string represents an entirenumber)float() – constructs a float range from associate whole number literal, a float literal or a string literal (providing the string represents a float or associate integer)str() – constructs a string from a good sort of knowledge sortsas well as strings, whole number literals and float literalsExampleIntegers:
x = int(1) # x are going to be 1y = int(2.8) # y are going to be 2z = int(“3”) # z are going to be three
x = float(1) # x are going to be one.0y = float(2.8) # y are going to be two.8z = float(“3”) # z are going to bethree.0w = float(“4.2”) # w are going to be four.2
x = str(“s1”) # x are going to be ‘s1’y = str(2) # y are going to be ‘2’z = str(3.0) # z are going to be ‘3.0’

Python Casting | Specify a Variable kind

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