How to Download Python step by step part 2 | What will Python do?

How to Download Python step by step part 2 | What will Python do?

Python transfer Step By Step

Python may be acommonartificial languageit absolutely was created by Guido van Rossum, and free in 1991.
It is used for:

web development (server-side),

software development,mathematics,system scripting.

What will Python do?

Python is used on a server to formnet applications.

Python is used aboardcomputer codeto form workflows.
Python willhook up withinformation systems. It can evenbrowse and modify files.

Python isaccustomed handle hugeinformation and perform advancedarithmetic.

Python is used for fast prototyping, or for production-ready computer code development.

Why Python?

Python works on completely different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc).

Python features aeasy syntax just likethe English language.

Python has syntax that permits developers to write down programs with fewer lines than another programming languages.
Python runs on Associate in Nursing interpreter system, that means that code isdead as before longbecause it is written. this suggests that prototyping isterriblyfast.
Python is treated during a procedural mannerAssociate in Nursing object-orientated manner or a purposeful manner.
Good to grasp
The most recent major version of Python is Python threethatwe have a tendency to shall be victimisationduring this tutorial. However, Python 2, though not being updated with somethingaside from security updates, continues to be quite common

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